Did you know these major differences between the hard news and soft news stories?

Latest News writing is a broad concept and should be understood well, especially for someone who wants to make a career out of it. News stories are of various types and thus are written differently. Two major types are soft news and hard news stories. You are wondering what’s that, aren’t you?

Soft news as the name itself suggests is a news story that does not contain any harsh news or aren’t as breaking as the hard news stories. Soft news stories would always have a narrative approach, while the hard news stories would rather have descriptive approach.

Hard news stories are always written in inverted pyramid styles, which means the head should contain the most part of the story, then the body, the rest, and the tail should contain the least important parts of the story.  This is done not just because people have less time to read and thus would love to get all the necessary information in the first paragraph, but also because sometimes, while arranging the stories in the newspaper, they fall short of space and thus the last paragraph (the tail) can be removed.

On the contrary, the soft news stories are not written in the inverted pyramid style. These are rather the constructive stories, which are written long, after creating a base first and slowly and gradually come up with the whole matter. The hard news stories, would contain all the recent developments in a news, in the very first paragraph, whereas a soft news would mention the recent/latest developments in the news story in the 4th or even the 5th paragraph of the story.

Both the News stories are very different from each other and thus have different writing styles, but hold equal importance for the newspaper.

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Kashmir Valley miscreants to be peppered with Chilli Shots now. And it’s supposedly safe

Kashmir finally breathes a sigh of relief, as the curfew was lifted after 52 days in some parts of the valley. But the biggest news that caught the natives was the proposal to replace pellet shells immediately. After the youths and natives of Kashmir valley complained about the use of unscrupulous use of pellet guns, the Indian Home Minister has announced that the government will come up with a non-lethal canister guns to control crowd nuisance.

According to Hindi News Live, so far, there have been instances where the pellet guns have caused irreplaceable physical damage to the eyes and ears, with fatal injuries even leading to death.

What are the probable solutions for crowd control?

Mobs in Kashmir valley won’t have their luxury of creating nuisance at will anymore. Reports from New Delhi clearly show how the government has targeted the newly improvised PAVA shells. What are PAVA shells?

PAVA (Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide) shells are already in use in some parts of the state, exclusively used by CRPF. The focus unfortunately has been on pellet shells due to their deadly after-effects. In addition to the PAVA shells, the government will be using the following non-lethal ammunitions to scatter miscreants.

  • Tear smoke shells
  • Stun shells
  • Stun grenades
  • Rubber bullets
  • Pump action
  • Sonic cannon

The sonic cannon here is the most innovative in the lot. It is designed to control the crowd by blasting the ears of protestors with high decibel shells.

What are the after-effects of PVA shells?

Thanks to their high Scoville heat units, the pellets are made of the same ingredients as that used in spray guns and pepper sprays, albeit in much higher quantity. The PAVA shells can be fired from a close range as well, making them clear ammunition of self-defence. The violent mobs can be scattered harmlessly, without damaging them physically, or even their clothes.

The PAVA shells are also bio-degradable and can be used in combination with stun and tear gas shells.

Political news In Hindi states, apart from the discussion on immediate curling of the use of pellet guns, here are other important pointers discussed between the Home Minister and the Chief Minister of J&K.

  • Ensure highest paramilitary personnel support from the Centre to control rioting and stone pelting.
  • Revise law and order situation by talking to the local leaders.
  • Bring the local leaders on the table and motivate them to instil faith in the youths of Kashmir.
  • Escort out the Amarnath pilgrims stuck in Srinagar who were stuck in the state due to the curfew.
  • Ensuring safety of the Kashmiri Pundits whose houses were attacked in the recent rioting.
  • Identify sensitive places in the valley and systematically eliminate the terrorist supporters.

Where did it all begin?

Sadly, the situation turned murkier after the Indian forces shot down the self-styled militant and Hizbul leader, Burhan Wani in July second week. After the mobs protested the killing and then went ahead to give the terrorist an exaggerated funeral, the curfews were imposed to control the mobs from creating ruckus and disturb the government machinery.

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10 Lakh Samsung Galaxy Note-7 smartphones will be returned in the US

अमेरिका की सरकार ने गुरुवार को सैमसंग गैलेक्सी नोट 7 स्मार्टफोनों को आधिकारिक रूप से बाजार से वापस लेने का ऐलान किया। सैमसंग के इस स्मार्टफोन की बैटरियों में आग लगने की दर्जनभर शिकायतों के बाद यह कदम उठाया गया है।


अमेरिकी उपभोक्ता उत्पाद सुरक्षा आयुक्त ने जारी नोटिस में कहा कि इस कदम के तहत गुरुवार से पहले बेचे गए नोट 7 के लगभग 10 लाख स्मार्टफोन को भी बाजार से वापस लिया जाएगा। नोटिस में यह भी कहा गया है कि सैमसंग को अमेरिका में बैटरी में विस्फोट की 92 शिकायतें मिली हैं, जिसमें 26 बैटरी के जलने और 55 संपत्ति के नष्ट होने की है, जिसमें कारों और गैराज का जलना भी है। अधिक जानकारी के  लिए क्लिक करें @ goo.gl/1BtPwr

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Congress Scores a Point in Arunachal Pradesh as SC revokes President’s Rule

In a major political turnaround, Congress managed to earn back its grounds in Arunachal Pradesh after the Supreme Court quashed the President’s Rule. Chief Minister NabamTuki emerged as the single largest party in 2014 state assembly election with 42 seats. However, his government was suspended and assembly suspended on January 26, 2016! The Congress then called the motion as “Death of Democracy”, as it coincided with India’s Republic Day.

The New Development

Arunachal Pradesh’s acting Governor Tathagat Roy asked CM NabamTuki to prove majority on July 16. In less than two days, this is a tough ask even for a veteran politician. Meanwhile, the state assembly will be convened under video surveillance where majority will be proved by division and not by voice polling.
Congress’s celebration seems to be short lived as Tuki has expressed his anguish over the short span of time the Governor has offered to prove the strength! Instead of political reasons, Tuki fears that the rough weather and topographical limitations will cause hindrances in the voting states Political News in Hindi. However, the Speaker has ensured that the proceedings will be carried as per directions, and appealed to the members to work towards overall development of Arunachal Pradesh.

It is now State versus Centre, Score is 1-0

Live Hindi News coves it could well be 2-0 for Congress, if Tuki manages to prove his strength on July 16.

The President’s Rule was imposed by Governor JP Rajkhowa, quoting the failure of the constitutional machinery in the state. Personal instigations by Tuki against the governor and the way Tuki has engaged Naga militant group to pressurise government machinery in the state were stated in the report sent by the Governor to the Supreme Court.
Earlier in December 2015, the ruling party had split into two, with 21 of the rebelling members teaming with 11 BJP members and two independents. The impromptu overthrowing of the governor and the speaker resulted in major political turmoil in the state.

Supreme Court reinstated the dismissed Congress government and rebel Congress leader Kalikho Pul took charge. According to his admittance, he has the support of 43 MLAs. Most Congress MLAs seem to be growing away from the idea of having Tuki again as the CM. Congress is looking for a new face for its CM chair, but that’s saved for later.

Will Governors go from power?

The way Governors are increasingly trying to interfere with the state machinery, the Union government has all the right reasons to dissolve the position once and forever. Especially when the Union has been routed twice in as many months!
The restoration of the Congress government under Chief Minister NabamTuki automatically puts the ball back in BJP-led Union government. This is the second time the Union government has been repressed for imposing President’s Rule. In May, Congress scored “Victory of Democracy” after Uttarkhand CM Harish Rawat managed to prove his majority on the floor. Now it is the déjà vu moment for Tuki, who has been asked to prove his majority on July 16.

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PM Modi defends Rajan’s RBI Policy; Calls him a True Patriot

Politics in India took an ugly turn when a political leader not just blamed the RBI governor for acting sheepishly in Indian economics, but also sent him a “Leave India” diktat. Since then, speculations were rife about what the ruling party in India-the Bhartiya Janata Party, thinks about the opinions. Or was it a salvo fired at the governor, with someone else as the target?


The Controversy: Political Blame game or a Scapegoat Conspiracy theory

The controversy behind Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan took the country by storm in May when Hindi news online reported. After failing to curb inflation and coming up with any proactive steps to control the growing fiscal gap in the economy, he was sordidly accused of being an economist with vested interest by none other than, BJP member and Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy. No one seemed to be backing his claims, but there was no refute from the party either.

Prime Minister’s Response

In a recent TV interview, PM Modi confirmed that Swamy’s opinion are his personal comments, and should not be associated with the good work and the great respect the party and the country has for the RBI governor. He even acknowledged the fact that Rajan has been continuously advising the government on critical fiscal policies and how it should approach the sluggish international market. He not only acquitted the governor, but also asked the country to overlook any comments made on a public servant serving his duty.

Why it happened?

Live Hindi news segment was largely aghast at the way the BJP handled its Raja Sabha MP. Or the lack of tenacity in holding him off!

After making endless remarks on the Opposition leaders inside and outside the Parliament, Swamy turned the canon at his own party. Many rated it as an irresponsible comment, considering he himself is a renowned economist with substantial involvement in Indian economics. After all, he is considered as the Brain child behind India’s economic liberalisation in the early 90s.

Many experts in politics revealed to the Political news in Hindi media that Swamy believes that every person appointed by the previous UPA government should be immediately removed, as they were mere stooge in the hands of Western agencies.

Why it took so much time to respond?

No public comment came from the party. The PM took it upon himself to deny the charge or accusation on Rajan’s patriotism by saying that everybody today is trying to be a social media champion, and want to make news for all the wrong reasons. He acknowledged that there was delay on his part, largely because of his international commitments and the way he thinks that Swamy’s comment was given undue political mileage by online channels and TV reporters.

The way ahead

While the RBI governor’s tenure of three years in office is coming to an end in September this year, he has already rejected the next offer. There are currently four prospective candidates in the line to become the next RBI Governor.

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फिर बढ़े डीजल पेट्रोल के दाम

तेल विपणन कंपनियों ने डीजल के दाम 1.26 रुपये तथा पेट्रोल की कीमत पाँच पैसे प्रति लीटर की बढ़ोतरी की है। नयी दरें आज मध्य रात्रि से लागू होंगी।


सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र की सबसे बड़ी तेल विपणन कंपनी इंडियन ऑयल कॉर्पोरेशन लिमिटेड (आईओसीएल) ने आज बताया कि इस बढ़ोतरी से दिल्ली में राज्य सरकार के कर समेत पेट्रोल 65.65 रुपये और डीजल 55.19 रुपये प्रति लीटर मिलेगा। @ http://ow.ly/liPJ301lNat

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New Political Party For The Upcoming Assembly Elections- Phoolan Devi Jan Jagaran Sena

Hindi News Online is buzz with the news that the supporters of slain bandit Phoolan Devi and former MP of Samajwadi Party have formed a group. This group is based on uniting the members of some of the most backward castes. The main aim of the group is to contest the Assembly elections in the upcoming year. Pappu Nishad, the president of the group has ruled out moving out Phoolan Devi Jan Jagaran Sena as a political party. The maximum candidates of the party are from MBCs.

RLD and JD(U) decides to form an alliance for thwarting the electoral chances of SP and BJP. In this situation, the group emerges actively with an aim to make an action. The above mentioned parties have been quite busy in the past few months because they have been actively making different strategies. The main aim of the strategy planning to is to attract the voters, especially from the backward classes.

The Phoolan Devi Jan Jagaran Sena outfit is mainly headquartered in Lucknow with its districts located in Hamirpur, Jhansi, Lalitpur, Fatehpur, Hathras, Bareilly, Agra, Unnao, Gorakhpur, Rampur, Shahjanpur and Aligarh, as claimed by Nishad. In the recent times, the outfit was even found to organize different conventions mainly in Lucknow. In these conventions, the workers were found to take oaths of taking Rath Yatras from May with an aim to reach almost about 5 lakh households. In fact, they intend to complete this before the Assembly Elections.

The chief of the outfit even said that they will try their best to mobilize people that are part of different communities like Kashyap, Nishad and Mallah. They all belong to MBC, and in the course of mobilizing them, they will be united. This in turn will definitely play a big role in preventing the exploitation by different political parties like BJP, SP and BSP, and even Congress. It was even mentioned that Phoolan Devi herself belonged to the community of the Mallahs.

Live Hindi News covers up that the outfit of the Nishad is formed by Eklavya Sena and its members. This is primarily an organization that was formed by none other than Phoolan Devi. Nishad was the district president of this outfit in the unit of Thane in Maharashtra.
After the assassination of Phoolan Devi in the year 2001, Nishad took charge of the presidential role and became the state preside of UP in Eklavya Sena. However, he left the organization because the husband of Phoolan Devi, Umed Singh did not show any interest in running the organization. It was claimed that most of the current members of Phoolan Devi Jan Jagaran Sena were formerly the members of Eklavya Sena. The members are from different backgrounds of life ranging from journalists, lawyers and several other sections of the society.

Nishad even said that Mulayan Singh Yadav had talked about the CBI inquiry regarding the murder of the MP, but it seemed to have forgotten the promise made. He even alleged that the main ruling dispensation of the state did not give the due respect to the Kashyaps, Nishads and Kevats.

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