What Are the Functions of a Newspaper?

Ever wondered what are the functions of a newspaper? You would be wondering why are we even discussing this? In this technologically advanced world, everyone reads a newspaper, or a news story as per their interest on the internet on their mobiles or notepads, etc. NO! This is not true. Yes, the era is changing and with the technology developing every day, the spread of internet has widely increased. But still, in the areas where internet has not been able to reach, or even in rural areas there are people who still prefer doing breakfast reading the newspapers.

Have you ever wondered what is it that has made the newspapers such a big hit despite of the spread of the internet that they aren’t taking a back seat? It is probably because it has been there since many decades that it won’t ever completely be wiped from the society.

Following are some important functions of a newspaper:

Inform: One of the primary functions of a newspaper is to inform its readers about what’s happening in and around the world. This includes informing the audience about the daily happening from around the world, in different fields such as politics news, national and international, sports, entertainment, business, etc. A newspaper often employs journalists to gather information from different departments and help the editing and the publishing team in getting things in place, and get them printed for the audience to read the next morning.

Advise: Newspapers also offer guidance and opinion to help shape people’s view on certain subjects or matters. This is the reason why every newspaper, regardless of the language and the type, has an editorial page in it. The editors express their point of view and give unbiased opinions about certain incidents. There might also be reviews and opinions on sports and commentary on personalities, theatre or cinema offerings and opinions on life in general.

Entertain: Newspapers also seek to offer a diversion and simply entertain. To this end, many newspapers will publish crosswords, puzzles, color filling games, riddles, etc. Apart from these, there are many newspapers that also feature cartoon strips and humorous writings. Moreover, you could also find columns in the newspapers with gossips, jokes, the happenings with the celebrities, etc. Not just this, many newspapers also carry articles and stories on what to do for weekends, or where to go on vacations, etc.

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