Did you know these major differences between the hard news and soft news stories?

Latest News writing is a broad concept and should be understood well, especially for someone who wants to make a career out of it. News stories are of various types and thus are written differently. Two major types are soft news and hard news stories. You are wondering what’s that, aren’t you?

Soft news as the name itself suggests is a news story that does not contain any harsh news or aren’t as breaking as the hard news stories. Soft news stories would always have a narrative approach, while the hard news stories would rather have descriptive approach.

Hard news stories are always written in inverted pyramid styles, which means the head should contain the most part of the story, then the body, the rest, and the tail should contain the least important parts of the story.  This is done not just because people have less time to read and thus would love to get all the necessary information in the first paragraph, but also because sometimes, while arranging the stories in the newspaper, they fall short of space and thus the last paragraph (the tail) can be removed.

On the contrary, the soft news stories are not written in the inverted pyramid style. These are rather the constructive stories, which are written long, after creating a base first and slowly and gradually come up with the whole matter. The hard news stories, would contain all the recent developments in a news, in the very first paragraph, whereas a soft news would mention the recent/latest developments in the news story in the 4th or even the 5th paragraph of the story.

Both the News stories are very different from each other and thus have different writing styles, but hold equal importance for the newspaper.


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