Kashmir Valley miscreants to be peppered with Chilli Shots now. And it’s supposedly safe

Kashmir finally breathes a sigh of relief, as the curfew was lifted after 52 days in some parts of the valley. But the biggest news that caught the natives was the proposal to replace pellet shells immediately. After the youths and natives of Kashmir valley complained about the use of unscrupulous use of pellet guns, the Indian Home Minister has announced that the government will come up with a non-lethal canister guns to control crowd nuisance.

According to Hindi News Live, so far, there have been instances where the pellet guns have caused irreplaceable physical damage to the eyes and ears, with fatal injuries even leading to death.

What are the probable solutions for crowd control?

Mobs in Kashmir valley won’t have their luxury of creating nuisance at will anymore. Reports from New Delhi clearly show how the government has targeted the newly improvised PAVA shells. What are PAVA shells?

PAVA (Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide) shells are already in use in some parts of the state, exclusively used by CRPF. The focus unfortunately has been on pellet shells due to their deadly after-effects. In addition to the PAVA shells, the government will be using the following non-lethal ammunitions to scatter miscreants.

  • Tear smoke shells
  • Stun shells
  • Stun grenades
  • Rubber bullets
  • Pump action
  • Sonic cannon

The sonic cannon here is the most innovative in the lot. It is designed to control the crowd by blasting the ears of protestors with high decibel shells.

What are the after-effects of PVA shells?

Thanks to their high Scoville heat units, the pellets are made of the same ingredients as that used in spray guns and pepper sprays, albeit in much higher quantity. The PAVA shells can be fired from a close range as well, making them clear ammunition of self-defence. The violent mobs can be scattered harmlessly, without damaging them physically, or even their clothes.

The PAVA shells are also bio-degradable and can be used in combination with stun and tear gas shells.

Political news In Hindi states, apart from the discussion on immediate curling of the use of pellet guns, here are other important pointers discussed between the Home Minister and the Chief Minister of J&K.

  • Ensure highest paramilitary personnel support from the Centre to control rioting and stone pelting.
  • Revise law and order situation by talking to the local leaders.
  • Bring the local leaders on the table and motivate them to instil faith in the youths of Kashmir.
  • Escort out the Amarnath pilgrims stuck in Srinagar who were stuck in the state due to the curfew.
  • Ensuring safety of the Kashmiri Pundits whose houses were attacked in the recent rioting.
  • Identify sensitive places in the valley and systematically eliminate the terrorist supporters.

Where did it all begin?

Sadly, the situation turned murkier after the Indian forces shot down the self-styled militant and Hizbul leader, Burhan Wani in July second week. After the mobs protested the killing and then went ahead to give the terrorist an exaggerated funeral, the curfews were imposed to control the mobs from creating ruckus and disturb the government machinery.


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