Congress Scores a Point in Arunachal Pradesh as SC revokes President’s Rule

In a major political turnaround, Congress managed to earn back its grounds in Arunachal Pradesh after the Supreme Court quashed the President’s Rule. Chief Minister NabamTuki emerged as the single largest party in 2014 state assembly election with 42 seats. However, his government was suspended and assembly suspended on January 26, 2016! The Congress then called the motion as “Death of Democracy”, as it coincided with India’s Republic Day.

The New Development

Arunachal Pradesh’s acting Governor Tathagat Roy asked CM NabamTuki to prove majority on July 16. In less than two days, this is a tough ask even for a veteran politician. Meanwhile, the state assembly will be convened under video surveillance where majority will be proved by division and not by voice polling.
Congress’s celebration seems to be short lived as Tuki has expressed his anguish over the short span of time the Governor has offered to prove the strength! Instead of political reasons, Tuki fears that the rough weather and topographical limitations will cause hindrances in the voting states Political News in Hindi. However, the Speaker has ensured that the proceedings will be carried as per directions, and appealed to the members to work towards overall development of Arunachal Pradesh.

It is now State versus Centre, Score is 1-0

Live Hindi News coves it could well be 2-0 for Congress, if Tuki manages to prove his strength on July 16.

The President’s Rule was imposed by Governor JP Rajkhowa, quoting the failure of the constitutional machinery in the state. Personal instigations by Tuki against the governor and the way Tuki has engaged Naga militant group to pressurise government machinery in the state were stated in the report sent by the Governor to the Supreme Court.
Earlier in December 2015, the ruling party had split into two, with 21 of the rebelling members teaming with 11 BJP members and two independents. The impromptu overthrowing of the governor and the speaker resulted in major political turmoil in the state.

Supreme Court reinstated the dismissed Congress government and rebel Congress leader Kalikho Pul took charge. According to his admittance, he has the support of 43 MLAs. Most Congress MLAs seem to be growing away from the idea of having Tuki again as the CM. Congress is looking for a new face for its CM chair, but that’s saved for later.

Will Governors go from power?

The way Governors are increasingly trying to interfere with the state machinery, the Union government has all the right reasons to dissolve the position once and forever. Especially when the Union has been routed twice in as many months!
The restoration of the Congress government under Chief Minister NabamTuki automatically puts the ball back in BJP-led Union government. This is the second time the Union government has been repressed for imposing President’s Rule. In May, Congress scored “Victory of Democracy” after Uttarkhand CM Harish Rawat managed to prove his majority on the floor. Now it is the déjà vu moment for Tuki, who has been asked to prove his majority on July 16.


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