New Political Party For The Upcoming Assembly Elections- Phoolan Devi Jan Jagaran Sena

Hindi News Online is buzz with the news that the supporters of slain bandit Phoolan Devi and former MP of Samajwadi Party have formed a group. This group is based on uniting the members of some of the most backward castes. The main aim of the group is to contest the Assembly elections in the upcoming year. Pappu Nishad, the president of the group has ruled out moving out Phoolan Devi Jan Jagaran Sena as a political party. The maximum candidates of the party are from MBCs.

RLD and JD(U) decides to form an alliance for thwarting the electoral chances of SP and BJP. In this situation, the group emerges actively with an aim to make an action. The above mentioned parties have been quite busy in the past few months because they have been actively making different strategies. The main aim of the strategy planning to is to attract the voters, especially from the backward classes.

The Phoolan Devi Jan Jagaran Sena outfit is mainly headquartered in Lucknow with its districts located in Hamirpur, Jhansi, Lalitpur, Fatehpur, Hathras, Bareilly, Agra, Unnao, Gorakhpur, Rampur, Shahjanpur and Aligarh, as claimed by Nishad. In the recent times, the outfit was even found to organize different conventions mainly in Lucknow. In these conventions, the workers were found to take oaths of taking Rath Yatras from May with an aim to reach almost about 5 lakh households. In fact, they intend to complete this before the Assembly Elections.

The chief of the outfit even said that they will try their best to mobilize people that are part of different communities like Kashyap, Nishad and Mallah. They all belong to MBC, and in the course of mobilizing them, they will be united. This in turn will definitely play a big role in preventing the exploitation by different political parties like BJP, SP and BSP, and even Congress. It was even mentioned that Phoolan Devi herself belonged to the community of the Mallahs.

Live Hindi News covers up that the outfit of the Nishad is formed by Eklavya Sena and its members. This is primarily an organization that was formed by none other than Phoolan Devi. Nishad was the district president of this outfit in the unit of Thane in Maharashtra.
After the assassination of Phoolan Devi in the year 2001, Nishad took charge of the presidential role and became the state preside of UP in Eklavya Sena. However, he left the organization because the husband of Phoolan Devi, Umed Singh did not show any interest in running the organization. It was claimed that most of the current members of Phoolan Devi Jan Jagaran Sena were formerly the members of Eklavya Sena. The members are from different backgrounds of life ranging from journalists, lawyers and several other sections of the society.

Nishad even said that Mulayan Singh Yadav had talked about the CBI inquiry regarding the murder of the MP, but it seemed to have forgotten the promise made. He even alleged that the main ruling dispensation of the state did not give the due respect to the Kashyaps, Nishads and Kevats.


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