Rahul Gandhi Refuses to Face Attack With Claims Of Dual Citizenship

The congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi is again facing citizenship issues. Rahul was asked to respond by the Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha on this issue claiming that he had once declared to be a British citizen. Rahul Gandhi was asked to respond to this and say the truth of whether he had said the same statement. In fact, sources are also of the view that the Vice President of Congress Party was given a show cause notice and it was sent to his office last week. On the contrary, the party completely denied about receiving any such notice in the past days.

According to Hindi News Online, when directly asked Rahul Gandhi about it, he said, “We will deal with it”. This was definitely not a satisfactory answer, and it can be easily estimated that the Ethics Committee will not leave the matter here. The notice sent to Rahul Gandhi was issued demanding his response for claiming a British citizen. This complaint was first received by the speaker, who then forwarded it to the committee.

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MP Mahesh Girri, the MP of BJP filed a complaint in the Lower House of Parliament in January. Following this, Sumitr Mahajan, the speaker of Lok Sabha referred this issue to the Ethics Committee, which is currently headed by LK Advani, the Veteran.

In response to this, the MP of Congress Party Ninong Ering said that he does not have any idea as to why the letter was sent to Rahul Gandhi. He thought that he would be informed by the chairman, but instead of that a complaint was lodged. Therefore, he demanded saying that the matter is about procedure and being motivated in political terms. He even claimed that since the Congress moved privilege against Smiriti Irani, it was an attempt by the BJP to do it against Rahul.

On the other hand, Meghwal said that there is no political motivation behind this because they did not fill up this form. Rahul Gandhi himself said that he was a British citizen. Hence, a reply is required. Subhramanian Swamy, a formal member of the Parliament considered it to be a form of personal vendetta by the Bharatiya Janata party. He even said that the BJP is trying to carry on this attack allegedly.

As per Political News in Hindi, the Ethics Committee possesses the power to expel a lawmaker, provided it finds any sorts of discrepancies being true. However, Congress made an attempt to keep aside this issue as a formality and clearly said any indiscriminating evidence was not available against Rahul.

Many other Congress leaders are of the view that since the BJP has nothing left to prove against the Congress, they are attacking the party on personal basis. This is the trend of BJP, and hence they claim to reject the fabricated charges made against Gandhi.

In fact, in November, the issue of dual citizenship created a controversy when Subhramanian claimed that he had access to the documents showing the fact that Rahul Gandhi had made such a statement before and set up a company in the UK.


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