Hot Bollywood Couple Ranbir & Katrina Breaks Up Breaks Heart of Fans

The love story of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif was in air for a long time. However, the recent breakup of the couple has taken the entire Bollywood film industry by storm. Even the film fraternity is shocked with this Bollywood News. Even few weeks back, the couple was seen kissing each other, and therefore, the news of their breakup has surprised everyone. Over the past few weeks, the couple had several fights and arguments, and they finally called it a quit to the story. Ranbir moving out of their house and deciding to stay with his parents came as a huge blow to Katrina.

There is no denying that Ranbir and Katrina had a fairytale romance, and it lasted for almost about 3 years. They were first spotted spending some good time in Ibiza, news were flashed about their relationship. Though they never made an official statement, but the two had almost accepted their affair fondly. Now the question is what caused a split in their relationship? According to sources, Katrina wanted to marry as soon as possible, but Ranbir was not enough committed. He was therefore not too sure of the idea of getting married. In such a scenario, they decided to call off their relationship after lots of discussions and arguments over the issue.

Bollywood News in Hindi
The couple however has not made any announcement officially about their breakup. While Ranbir moved out of their flat with his bags, Katrina flew to Delhi to promote Fitoor. A source told that this was the end for them. They have tried to make things work, but as per their plan, things were not falling in place. Both of them were also comforted with the fact that the relationship is not heading anywhere, and the differences they contain cannot be resolved. Even for the last few months, there was a lot of tension between them.

Speculations were made for the differences in their opinion. At the same time, it can also be said that the proximity of Ranbir with ex- girl friend, Deepika during the promotion of their recently released film, “Tamasha” made Katrina uncomfortable about it. In an interview given to a magazine, Katrina said that she was quite unsure about the choices of Ranbir.

There is no doubt that Katrina wanted to settle down, but there was no such attention on part of Ranbir. This in turn resulted in disagreements between the two, when Ranbir was seen to move out of their apartment in Bandra and headed to his parent’s home. The couple has been living together since 2014, and there were reports about their engagement plans and marriage.

It is expected that the couple might soon officially announce their breakup or in other ways they might simply indicate that they are no longer together without any official declaration.

Even when Katrina was asked about this, she glared at the reporter and did not speak anything. They say that sometimes silence speaks the truth, and this was possibly the case with Ranbir, as well.


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