How Suicide Of The Dalit Scholar Took A Political Turn?

Rohit was a research scholar who was suspended with several others by the Hyderabad Central University last year. Union labor minister and the Vice Chancellor of Hyderabad University were mentioned in the FIR lodged over the suicide of a student from the Dalit Community. This triggered a massive protest, according to Hindi News Online there were demands of removing them from their current positions. The incident turned into a major political scenario when the allegations came from the fact that this ultimate action was the reaction of illicit discrimination against the Dalit students. These students had previously sent a letter to Smriti Irani, the HRD Minister to take action against the anti-national acts.

Hindi News Online

The name of the dead student is Rohit Vemula, who was suspended in August, 2015. He was also accused for assaulting a student leader. The suspension also resulted in keeping them out from the hostel. Irani faced severe protests in Delhi. However, she claimed that she would not make any statement, which will be political. Along with that, she also said that she would wait for the reports of the committee for finding facts. She even said that the government does not intervene with the operation of the university or it does not have any control over the administration of the same.

On the other hand, the vice chancellor said that he would resign if there is a demand for the same from the majority. He even said that this action against the students happened long time before it came into the headlines. He was discussing with the faculty in an effort to reduce the punishment. The case has been registered on the basis of complaints made by some students. The name of Bandaru Dattatreya, the Union Minister along with Vice Chancellor, and students Rama Krishna and Sushil Kumar appeared in the list of the FIR. The agitated and angry students demanded the urgent removal of Dattatreya from the Cabinet. They even claimed that Ramachandra Rao should be removed from his current MLC Post, and the sacking of the vice chancellor. The students demanded that police register a case under SC/ST Atrocity Act against the Union Minister and BJP leader Bandaru Dattatreya.

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In the course of the protest, the students event said that Dattatreya was the main force behind the suspension of the Dalit students. However, Dattatreya claimed that he had nothing to do with the issue of dismissal. He claimed that anti-nationalist and anti-social activities were constantly going on within the university. Even the ABVP activists were thrashed and beaten. He claimed that he just forwarded the ABVP representation to the HRD ministry. He said that he is totally unaware of what actions the ministry did in return.

Tension continues to prevail in the university campus. The police moved the body of the dead student to the hospital for the purpose of postmortem. The body of Rohit was found hanging in the hostel room of the university, and it was sent for postmortem amid protests. According to Political News in Hindi investigations are being carried out in this matter and the guilty will get the necessary punishment.


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