Dalai Lama praises Indians Tolerance Quotient, Rule of Law governs the State

In a battle of wits versus imagination, the 14th Dalai Lama has come in strong support of Hindus against charges of growing intolerance and the religious insensitivity spread largely by the Hindutava brigade, irrevocably supported by ruling power at the centre. After the Bihar polls, the spiritual leader had remarked how large section of Hindus in Bihar voted against the strongest political force in the country.

While certain section of the media and most of the opposition is riddling the ruling government over increased cases of intolerance, Tibetan spiritual guru the Dalai Lama praised Indians for their level of tolerance. In a recent build up as major Political news in Hindi, the Dalai Lama revealed how he always observed Indians as naturally tolerant. They have religious sentiments that make them even more consistent with their display of tolerance against communal events. He said that some politicians and some sections in the media use the jugglery of “sensationalism” and create topics of debate over things that have happened in past, under different regimes.

What the leader said?

political news in Hindi

On his recent trip to Bengaluru, the Dalai Lama was closely followed by the media.  His comments made way as political news in Hindi and local vernacular media. “90% of the Indians continue to be devout and religiously tolerant towards other brethrens. There are always exceptions… and they should not be linked to a religion.” In India, only 1% could be intolerant people. Those who express their displeasure on intolerance should be taken as an individual remark, and not as a mass consensus. He also blamed certain factions in the media to be glorifying the issue rather too ostensibly without too much substance to back their claims.

Then and Now: The debate continues

The Dalal Lama addressed the media covering Live Hindi News on many social and religious issues enraging the country.  Tibetan spiritual leader questioned the media if they promoted the leaders and artists into returning their awards, recognitions and other ceremonial trophies in the past. India’s political history has not been a “White and Black”. There have been numerous moments of ‘intolerance’, not against one community, one religion or one gender.

He brought the instances of Emergency, 1984 Sikh genocides and Mumbai riots as benchmark events that should have compelled any thoughtful Indian to give back the awards… but that never happened.

Judiciary is the Protector of Human Rights

The Indian Constitution is the protector of human rights in the country. Even non-citizens and terrorists are given rights to protect their rights. As long as the Rule of Law prevails in the country, intolerance can never gain firm footing; Those who preach, spread and commit acts of intolerance will be rightfully addressed by the law enforcement agencies and meted with punishment.

This is exactly what the Chief Justice of India TS Thakur said as a defence against growing aberration over who is the “ruler” in the country. As long as the judiciary is independent, no one can trespass the Rule of Law. Courts uphold rights and obligations guaranteed to every citizen.


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