Success of Bihar State Elections: The Voting Trend has changed

The festive season has begun in every corner of the country. The biggest news doing the rounds amidst the frantic season is the Bihar Election. Already tagged as the ‘Battle of the Year’ by most reporters of political news in Hindi, even seasoned poll experts are finding it hard to call the winner. The most surprising news in the polling was the way Naxal-hit Jamui witnessed maximum voting percentage in the state on the very first day. It is likely that NDA is slightly ahead in the race with right strategy and mindset to pull it through.

Bihar election is ranked as the “Joker in the card” by electoral commentators as it comes after BJP’s resounding victories in Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir and Haryana last year. Though, they were routed in Delhi elections by Aam Aadmi Party, Bihar is a state they just can’t afford to miss. Why? Let us do a clinical study on why Bihar elections are so important for the country.

Youth support behind the winning party

Political news in Hindi

BJP is upbeat about the Bihar elections as 31 percent of the state electoral is under the age of 30 years. The party has always been a favourite among the youths. With Congress and other significant state parties already sidelined due to poor development and political gimmicks, BJP is the lone party that is a clear winner. This would add another state into the party’s portfolio for development and infrastructure scaling.

Bihar will follow Gujarat Model

Whichever party comes to power, it is obvious that the development model will be based on Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh. The development corridor in Bihar is stagnant and has hardly shown any chance of revival in the last 24 months ever since Nitish Kumar broke his alliance with BJP. The parties are now promising to repeat the success of Gujarat model, minus the mistakes made in the state.

243 Constituencies: One Winner

This is the first time since the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections that there can be a clear majority. The biggest political news in Hindi in October reveals why each of the constituency would spell a distinct winner in the elections. The first phase of the election covered 49 constituencies with a voter turnaround of 52 per cent. The subsequent dates of voting are 16th and 28th October, followed by 1st and 5th November. Counting will begin on 8th November.

Voting numbers greater than what you saw in Mumbai

The trend is turning its tide in the state. Last year. Mumbai witnessed a dismal turnaround of less than 60 percent. Bihar has definitely taken the lesson well. Lower turnaround means you have no clear majority and it leads to a hung Legislative assembly. Voting percentage in Bihar will throw a clear winner and this is what Election Commission also expects. Naxal-hit Jamui saw more than 56 percentage of voting, that too on the first day. This spells a victory for democracy in the state.

Tight security, well-managed booths and good planning has made the Bihar polling a success so far.


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