The news channels are abuzz with the perpetual efforts by the retired army personnel on One Rank One Pension (OROP). The OROP stalemate is a decisive test for the BJP-led government and the opposition is leaving no stone unturned to make it a full-blown debate. As it is, the Congress-led opposition played a vital role in the white-wash of the recently concluded Monsoon-session of the Parliament. English and Online Hindi News sites covered the announcements by the Congress on how OROP is BJP’s double standard.

OROP stalemate is a fiery topic across the Hindi News online. Here are 5 major developments that you ought to know about the whole issue.

OROP Definition: The Origin

OROP is a demand asked by the retired personnel of the Indian Armed Forces. Theoretically, they are asking for same pension for the same rank irrespective of the date they retired. If the length of the service is same, the pension should also be same as per the OROP demand sheet. The bureaucratic hurdle in clearing the possible OROP recommendations is what is making it such a raging topic among all Political News in Hindi and English channels.

Live NewsThe movement is led by Major General (Retired) Satbir Singh, who is the Chairman of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM).

Recommendations: What the Committee Say

In 2011, the parliament nominated a 10-member All-party committee to examine the OROP demands. The committee was named Koshyari Committee. As per the report published, the committee made following observations.

–    All Armed Force Personnel deserve OROP if they have completed their full term of service.
–    Army personnel who opted out of service due to Voluntarily Retirement scheme should be considered too but with revised OROP principles.
–    The OROP scheme presently covers pension but does not define it.


–    OROP should be implemented as soon as possible.
–    It should be implemented across all the boards in defence.
–    Separate commission should be nominated to define the terms of pension and future aids for armed personnel. The terms to be defined are:

o    Pay
o    Allowances
o    Family Pension

Breaking News in hindiFight between the Parties:

Congress is saying that the OROP is the ticking bomb that is all set to blow the ruling government very soon. Seeing the ruling as a political opportunity, the opposition is suggesting that the demands of OROP will be announced just before the Bihar election dates. The print media, English and live news in Hindi are already covering the developments of the Bihar elections rampantly.

What the government says:

Before the 2014-general elections, the ruling government had announced a 5-fold approach to resolve the OROP issue in the Hindi online news. It had also promised a certain support for the ex-servicemen who volunteered for premature retirement.

Present status:

The OROP continues to be a clash of power. While the hungers strike of the ex-servicemen continues, PM Narendra Modi has given reassurance on the promises his party made before coming to power in May 2014, sweeping past all oppositions with a resounding majority.


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