Bihar: The Real Challenge in Modi’s India

Within a few months from now, Narendra Modi’s party will face the first series of elections in the state, which will be a key determining factor in transforming the economy of the state and the country. In fact, in recent news, it was reported that more than anywhere, Bihar reflects the challenge of the prime minister in the modern India. The scenario occurred when a bullet tore through Anil Kumar’s chest, a policeman. He might have lived, but he worked in India’s poverty-stricken state of Bihar. It was too late by the time his body was taken to a city hospital crossing the murky river.

Narendra Modi

The circumstances of Kumar’s death that occurred last year are a parable for Bihar. Today, more than 100 million people live on an average amount of less than Rs 100 per day. The poverty, lawlessness and decrepit infrastructure not only cost Kumar’s life, but also threatened to derail the prime minister who is in a plan to reform India. If the politician wins, Modi can certainly dominate the politics of the nation for a decade. On the other hand, if he loses, India will have to face many more years of deadlock on the factor of growth.

When Modi came into power last year, investors poured lots of money on the hopes that he has the ability to unleash the potential of the second largest potential of the world. However, the victory last year did not include the upper house of parliament. In a criticism, it was said that while Modi can put all the bills through the lower house, the opposition parties in the upper house have the ability to block everything, and unless he is willing to call any joint sitting in the parliament. This tactic was used only three times since independence.

Bihar Political News

Narender Modi had proposed to make land acquisition easier for commercial projects. In addition to that, he also made attempts to standardize the tax rates that are stuck and implementing measures like overhauling the labor laws. This in turn has resulted in the drop of India’s index of sensex by 0.5% this year, after gaining about 30% the last year. It is estimated that the earliest Modi can control the upper house is 2017, if his party is successful in taking Bihar and five other states that holds election in the next two years.
Bihar undoubtedly reflects a great deal of challenge in the overhauling modern India. Despite the economic growth in the recent times, Bihar has the lowest literacy rate and the highest proportion of malnourished children. The percentage of foreign investment that goes to Bihar is so low that it looks like nothing. Bihar is also the epicenter of Black Fever, a parasitic disease.

In order to win the elections and contribute to the development, Modi and his party will have to overcome the mindset of caste, which is rooted in the Hindu ideas of purity since ancient times. Bihar is no different from the reality of India. The current leader of the state, Nitish Kumar tweeted about this issue.

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