Monsoon Gives a Wonderful Opportunity for Politicians to Be In News

Here comes the rain!! Giving a handsome chance for our “Mantris” to tour the affected areas spending our hard earned money (taxes) which by all means is meant for the development purpose. This (development) is never going to take place. The new government has brought down the fuel rate thrice in a couple of months, to cheer the people after the ruling party coming to power. You know what? Now again for the 4th time the price has gone up(as on today’s news) simple reason which it gives is the global market prices soaring, hike in crude oil, dollar rate fluctuations etc., How long will our politicians give us these reasons? Why don’t our leaders have valid and valuable solutions to stabilize this inflation monster? Where have all the experts gone? Why can’t our financial experts form a committee to resolve this? Yes, its understood that the stock markets fluctuate depending on various assets and liabilities. But not all us depend on these nor buy shares. Yes we do very much rely on our commodities. Come summer and monsoon arriving, even without prior notice, prices of essential, day-to-day commodities increase. Due to which there’s a hole in the common man’s pocket.

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All of us can see the conditions of our roads in just few days of rains. That too when its moderate. North eastern parts are flooded. Now our politician will not spare a chance to go for an aerial view watching the devastated sites. Nothing achieved. Ultimately its the victims, the affected areas, the people who help themselves to restore back to normalcy with little help received. Does the duty of our ministers get over with distributing readymade food packets, water bottles, a few blankets etc., I would suggest that instead of AERIAL view, let these leaders take the roads which we common people use. I think at least then they would understand our woes to some extent. Perhaps next season we “might” have better roads and sanitation.

The roads are re-laid, repaired, police personnels on prowl (sorry) only when these mantris visit a certain place? A common man has no value? We use these same roads, day in and day out. Getting cramps, backaches etc., at a very early stage. The person who’s elected for just tenure enjoys life all his/her life with their families? I think it’s wise enough to blame ourselves this time. A minister was busy giving statements like helping so and so in question (Lalit Modi). Being in such a responsible position holding a high profile is not needed at all. Being in external affairs department, there are pretty serious issues to tend to. Can’t imagine how these politicians find time amidst crucial affairs to talk all this.

Recently in the newly formed Telangana state, a MLA (Mr. Revanth Reddy) was arrested for cash-for-vote scam and sent for judicial custody. When will all this end? When will we have fair elections?

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Can’t out parliament affairs ministry or our constitution chalk down certain do’s and don’t’s for the members in power? We as common man have rules and regulations to follow in every area of life. Why not these leaders? This will be in a way a “clean drive” to have a clear POLITICS. It’s a thoughtful way to strengthen our politics. Talk to about 10 people about politics and politicians, out of them I’m sure 8 of them would either abuse or never want to talk about it. As much as we have corrupted politicians, so much is our politics polluted. Every citizen in our own way can start this clean drive from our end. The lethal weapon (vote) is in our hands. As the foreign parliament which has a student, a commoner who can raise a question, so should we all insist that this rule comes in where the students who take up this “politics” subject should be given a chance to enter the assembly? Shall we dare to start this?

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