Mother of All Scam: The Vyapam Gate Scam

What this VYAPAM GATE SCAM? It’s a high profile MPPEB (Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board scam. It all started in the year 2009 when there was Pre-medical test conducted. And instead of genuine aspirants, Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar has roped in some “imposters” in the place of the genuine candidates. Now this scam accused Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar died in Bhopal on June 28th. Adding fuel to fire to the already existing scamsters in our country. This scam came into light and there were about 24 persons including witnesses and accused are involved in this scam. Imposters wrote the written tests’ helped by Mr. Tomar and he died at the age of 29yrs! an unnatural death. Along with the 24 persons even the Madhya Pradesh Governor’s son is included. It’s not a surprise as many of us are aware that there’s no scam in which a minister is not involved. Either be BPL (ration card rice supply) scam, fodder scam, gas scam, stamp papers, 2g scam, degree(certificate) scam, coal scam and so on.. So its not astonishing if a Governor’s son’s name is mentioned in the list. He will for sure come out clean.


The SIT probing this case has submitted 23 deceased list to the MP High court. Most of the deaths were unnatural. How could anyone kill someone just to eliminate the proof? And on 30th June news, this was posed as though it was a natural death. The Governor Mr. Babulal Gaur issues a statement that ‘’DRINKING LIQUOR IS A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT”. Does anyone is aware that in our fundamental rights, even this is mentioned? He goes on to say that “death is it in the jail or rail i.e. Train. Death is of course inevitable but such statements from a responsible person? Such baseless, irrelevant, senseless words?

The Human Rights Commission have taken this case of MPPEB scam to the notice of Supreme court again. There are yet 28 cases remaining including that of high profile persons involved in this scam. A CBI enquiry is demanded to solve this mystery by the kin of the deceased. Another TV today journalist Mr. Akshay Singh dies under mysterious circumstance. He had interviewed the accused parents, a girl in 2012. Likewise one after the other died such death. Why these should witnessed die unnatural deaths? How pathetic is the functioning of our law and order! In an independent, democratic and secular country like India, an individual can’t live a secure life.


Especially if it’s a victim, witness of such cases. As though so many deaths aren’t enough, we hear of the death of Mr. Arun Sharma on July 5th. He was the Dean of Jabalpur Medical College. He was being examined in the fake examinees. The very next day 25 year old trainee sub-inspector Mr. Anamika Sikarwar was found dead in a lake close to the Police training academy.

When the CBI enquiry was called for, the ministers didn’t leave a chance to mock the dead. Instead of supporting the speedy process, why play a stumbling block? At the end of the day, Madhya Pradesh CM Mr. Shivraj Chauhan has handed over the Vyapam Gate scam to the CBI. A very clever ending that our politicians are known to do. Like any other scam. Even this will take years by that time all will be lost and forgotten. 6 years have already elapsed. Why does our system take years to investigate when every possible evidence is available? Oh! maybe during this time, the scamsters will find a way to eliminate all the witnesses through ‘’UNNATURAL DEATHS?” Until the last one? And close the file? Isn’t it we all know the end?

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