Why a Clean Politics is Need of the Hour?

Do we all have an idea of what’s really going on in our country? What are the elected leaders unto? They are just messing up our political system. Leaving only chaos, more debts to solve for the next government. North and north eastern parts of India felts the quake tremors a couple of days ago. But the MOH (Ministry of Home Affairs) was busy giving statements to media not to panic. Whereas the media was covering the affected areas along with news flash. The ruling political party is busy finding ways “how to impose more tax”. But failed to face a natural calamity which is very much evident as we all witness.

A few days ago many parts of our country was shattered by unseasonal rains. Little was done by the municipal authorities to stand up in such crisis. Most of the roads were eroded, landslides leading to road blockage, water logging bringing the traffic to utter confusion. Vehicles stagnated on the entire stretch of road. No proper drainage system to flush out the rain water. When a certain state is badly affected, the centre releases funds. But it’s sad to say that hardly 30% of it meets the genuine cause. People have now become smart. So dear leaders, do the needful before the monsoon approach. Next tenure I don’t think anyone will be willing to exercise their “right to franchise”.

Clean indian Politics

Huge amount was sanctioned but poor work done. If this is the condition now, just imagine the rainy season which will approach soon. Politicians are busy in their foreign trips; Laws passed at the centre for the welfare system. But who bothers to know how effectively are these implemented? Politicians in opposition are on war foot over LAND BILL. Who is benefited? Do we citizens ever realize that not one parliament session goes on successfully without objection? Our leaders never agree especially on burning issues to come to conclusion. Didn’t we hear a politician beat up a constable? The law makers are the law breakers. But then they are “Politicians”. Another incident when a police official was ruffed up because he objected the speed limit of another leader in power?

Traffic and public movement comes to a standstill when a VVIP convoy visits a certain state or comes for any occasion. Reason: Security. Why should a political leader fear a common man? If he/she is sincere, uncorrupted? Now the ruling party gives a CLEAN-CHIT to another politician who was in prison, for “inappropriate possession of wealth”. Every citizen knows which is very true. But a couple of days ago the leader is acquitted and will be resuming the office as Chief Minister and in “POWER” again. Or else 2 states would burn with fury. But then the ruling party at the centre needs their support. “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you what you are”.

This saying goes well with such leaders. (The ruling party itself is out clean from massacre of minorities when in power at state level, acquitted to gain power at the centre) At the centre, the newly elected Delhi state politics is very well known to all of us. Last year it was a quick decision to resign as they weren’t able to handle the political pressure and inexperienced to run the system. And when they are in power, the original colors of few of them are seen when one by one leaving the party. Who knows in a few months this party will collapse giving room for by-elections? Wake up friends. Wake up. The intellect, youth as responsible citizens, let’s clean our politics of such selfish, self oriented power hungry leaders. This is our country. Let’s leave clean politics for our next generation.

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