POLITICS IN MURKY WATERS : Let’s put a foot forward for a better POLITICS

Clean, clear cut picture which matches their white dress code every politician(most of them) wear and this phrase “women, wine and wealth” aptly suits as well to 70% of them. Can anyone by any means deny this fact? This has become the main menu in a politician’s life. Not to deny that a certain politician’s wife died in our national capital under mysterious circumstances. (no personal issues) but time has come that each and every single individual who execute their precious “right to franchise” one of the most important fundamental right, has to know the facts of the person whom they elect.

India Politics

I won’t go back to say that the number of ministers who make a ‘walk out’ among the opposition parties over disagreement of the ruling party’s point are more in number than the number of sessions they attend. The politicians who attend the session have made themselves into a laughing stalk. A couple of years ago it was flashed in the media that (it was a sting operation) that certain POLITICIANS WERE PAID FOR TO DEBATE, TALK? But it’s true. How sad!! The elected representatives by the people have to voice out and also pay for it? A “minister” means to serve.

I don’t think most of our leaders ever bothered to know this meaning. There are cases in our country that a criminal who’s having a political background or a relative in politics, commits more crime and has the power in his pocket and dictate terms to the law and order. And they let go off such criminals scot free as there’s pressure from the higher up’s. It’s very easy to take political asylum. Easy isn’t it? What’s politics? It’s a matter or business concerning government affairs. But our today’s politics has been maligned, diluted and gone beyond a point where it is absolutely impossible to get a clean and clear politics.

Politics of India

The time has come now for the new generation to take matters into their hands. The time has come that before the next tenure, we are all prepared as one nation to make a standard against corrupted and criminal individuals from entering our politics and our parliament. No more are we going to giving our nation into a selective and negative vested people who will further cripple our nation. What will we leave our children? The citizens of our nation should be mentally prepared to check the credentials of the candidates contesting and blankly and bluntly deny voting even if it takes that we don’t want to cast our vote at all. “A tough journey starts with a single step”.

People these days dread politics and politicians. And the educated lot will never want to become politicians. Steps should be taken that certain line to be drawn for the politicians regarding their education limit, which should be made compulsory and a thorough investigation has to be made about the criminal and personal background of the contesting candidate. And most importantly when the elected MLA’s/MP’S are allotted their portfolios which should be depending upon their education qualification. It’s the IAS officers who are the backbone of the politicians. Without these bureaucrats the minister’s will be handicapped. So we as dutiful citizens should make it mandatory for ourselves that WE ARE NO MORE ENCOURAGING ANY CORRUPTED PERSON AS OUR POLITICIAN. This is how we can make our country as clean and “SWACCH BHARATH”. Clean India is not just cleaning our surroundings but also a clean and pure rulers and citizen friendly parliament. Then alone will there be overall development and when there’s peace within (national peace) we can tackle our neighborhood. Let’s put a foot forward for a better POLITICS.


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